Mesh Flooring 3m x 3m – High-Density Weave | Camping | Adventure Kings


Clever weave drops sand and dirt right through

Durable Woven 100% high density polyethylene 280gsm fabric

Won’t get hot like a tarp will




Large 3m x 3m size – Dirt and sand falls through but Special weave stops it coming back up, 12 pegging eyelets, won’t kill grass, durable and quick drying polyethylene.

LARGE 3M x 3M SIZE – Keep the sand and dirt out of your campsite, trailer, tent or swag with the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Mesh Flooring. Offering NINE square metres of area, it’s ideal for under your awning, outside your camper trailer or van or even as a picnic blanket or safe place for the kids to play.

SPECIAL WEAVE DESIGN – Woven with 280GSM High Density Polyethylene, dirt, sand and water will slip through and won’t work their way back through

TOUGH – 100% High Density Polyethylene that offers excellent anti UV properties as well as strength and longevity, this is one bit of gear that won’t mind being walked all over!

BREATHABLE – Some campsites require you to use mesh flooring as it won’t kill the grass – the Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring is ideal!

WON’T ABSORB HEAT – Unlike tarps or rubber flooring, polyethylene doesn’t absorb heat so you’ll stay cool on even the hottest summer days

MULTI-USE – With 12 reinforced eyelets it can be pegged down to stand up to punishment in any wind or weather conditions and the neutral ‘sand’ colour means it wont stand out like a sore thumb at the beach, or in the bush.

Material: 100% High Density Polyethylene – anti UV and colour stabilisation properties. 280GSM
Type: Woven raschel sew
Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Color: Sand
Eyelets: 12


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